Monday, December 12, 2005

Looking For Some Christmas Music?

"Performance has true integrity when the heart
of the artist is conveyed in the music. Such is
the case with Kathleen and Christopher for whom
the spirituals, in particular, reflect their faith."
- John MacArthur, pastor of the Grace Community
Church, Panorama City, California

I own the following CD's which I appreciate greatly.

A Christmas Celebration. Kathleen Battle

Pleasures of Their Company. Kathleen Battle & Christopher Parkening.

You will not find a finer piece of music than the above. If you were to purchase one CD of Kathleen Battle, or Kathleen Battle and Christopher Parkening together, this is it! I am a fan of beautiful female voices and of the classical guitar, and this CD is one of my most prized posessions. While this is not Christmas music, six of the twenty songs are spirituals.

FYI, I also own: Handel - Arias. Kathleen Battle.

I'd like to own the following, which is all Christmas music: Angel's Glory. Kathleen Battle & Christopher Parkening

This one is, which I do not own, is also all Christian music: Grace

Some consider the beautiful Kathleen Battle one of the finest, if not the finest lyric coloratura soprano in the world. They will get no argument from me. Christopher Parkening was a student of Andres Segovia who called him one of the most brilliant guitarists in the world. Without question, he is America's finest. Both performers are Christians and were brought together by their common manager, partly for that reason. And yes, I am aware that Kathleen has a reputation for being a notoriously difficult prima donna.


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