Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sade Live

My wife and I have always liked the music of Sade.

When I do housework, I like to put some kind of music on. At my local Hollywood video, I had already rented and listened to most of the good but few music videos they have in stock. But then I found a Sade tape that I had overlooked—Sade Live (link above). The sight of her, and the sound of her music, blend together seamlessly into a broad, flowing non-stop rush of feminine energy and love. Everything about her is gorgeous. She wears a white sequined top, a full length skirt that is slit up the back, with a bare torso and belly. God, she is so beautiful to look at. From the looks of her I’d say she has had a baby or two, which kind of adds to her womanly image, if you ask me. She must most certainly works out.

I don’t even dance, but I keep finding myself dancing in the kitchen and living room.


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