Monday, January 31, 2005

Bob Dylan Unplugged, the DVD, 1995

-incredible musicianship and sound fidelity.

For all of the songs, Bob's vocals are emotionally on point. Despite his objectively poor singing voice, the subtleties of emotion in Bob's voice are masterfull.

Bob's band is dressed pretty sharp too!

I must have listened to this one 50 times. At first, I kept waiting for the old songs, but after many listenings, I began to appreciate Shooting Star and Dignity.
And finally, Shooting Star was the only song I wanted to listen to. Interestingly, Bob talks about both of these songs in his recently released autobiography, Chronicles, Volume 1. He considers them outstanding lyrics, as I do.

The Songs:

Tomb Stone Blues
- a good number to start off a set with.
- wonderful folk, old-timey & bluegrass pickin' & rhythm, clear as a bell

Shooting Star - I love it. Emotionally on point. Dylan was always
consistent with the love songs. This version is far superior than the one on Oh Mercy.

All Along the Watchtower -- what.

The Times They Are a Changing - decent.

John Brown
- very, very Cold Mountain. It put me there.
- OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE. I would have said it was the best cut on the DVD until I was seduced by Shooting Star.
- a good story and an outstanding anti-war song.

Desolation Road
- played different than the original recording
- done with bright, almost carribean music, but with jaded
vocals -- very subtle contrast between the music and voice
that makes for a very fresh sounding song.

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 -- I can't stand this song

Love Minus Zero / No limit - and no comments.

Dignity - nice! Is this another love song?

Knockin' on Heavens Door - good version

Like A Rolling Stone -- ho-hum. It's been overplayed.

With God on Our Side
- It sounds a lot less abstract than it did 20 years ago. Scary.
- another anti-war song

I would like to thank Brain Banho for loaning me the DVD to listen to.


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