Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bob Dylan at 74--the AARP Interview

Bob Dylan: The Uncut Interview

Apart from his talent, the secret to Bob Dylan's success and longevity is his humility and that he never rested on his laurels, never thought of himself or acted as anything other than a working singer/songwriter. Moreover, in every interview, it is clear that he is a musician's musician.  Having read a few Dylan interviews over the years, one thing that consistently jumps out at me is the scope and depth of his knowledge of the entire history of popular music in America, of all genres. Of note in this interview, Dylan is the second artist who I've heard say that no one can get inside a song like Frank Sinatra--meaning no one can match Frank in understanding the exact perspective, nuances, and dramatic potential of a song, and sing it thusly, masterfully, while making it his own.  And how many people can authoritatively get that about Frank Sinatra?


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