Tuesday, April 24, 2007

CD: Brasileiro (1999)

Last Friday, it being Friday and especially being Spring, I was feeling especially good but feeling famished for music. Deborah sits next to me, and I ask if she had anything I could listen to.

This is only Deborah's day job. She's an opera singer, and she's got a pretty good collection of music. One of the CDs she loaned me was called Brasileiro (1999), a sample of contemporary Brazilian songs from 13 different artists.

The Brazilian Portuguese voice is very pretty, and the songs are romantic, hopeful, mournful, and full of life, all at the same time.

My favorite artists on the CD are Clara Nunes, Silvia Torres, Nazare Pereira, and Beth Carvallo. I confess that I have a thing for good female voices, and these women definitely do it for me. But I also dig Chico Cesar's Mama Africa.

You can read reviews and sample the sounds on the above URL at Amazon.

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